Get people fit for a job.


Our programs

There are people who often fall too quickly through the grid in the usual application process, even though they are highly motivated. To help them integrate into the labour market they can enter a next access program. The national programs are financed by the Social Impact Fund, which is run with the help of private and institutional capital.

Everyone Codes


When the global pandemic struck in early 2020, Birgit had to close her freelance business in the fitness industry and she was left without a job. Not knowing what the future holds made her rethink everything.

Neue Arbeit Stuttgart


“I was living on the streets as a drug-addicted homeless person. A social worker told me, ‘You need therapy, a place to live and a job.’ I found employment at the Kulturwerk der Neuen Arbeit and trained as an event technician. Today I have a permanent job as a sound technician in a renowned concert hall. I’m off the streets, off drugs, earning my own money and no longer on welfare. I’m very grateful for that.” 

Cooperative for ethical financing (ZEF)


Cooperative for ethical financing (ZEF) was founded in 2014 by 101 founding members as a multi-stakeholder organisation with primary goal of setting up new financial instruments for the support of social and solidarity economy in Croatia and wider region. Cooperative currently has around 900 members and is in the process of setting up the first digital ethical bank on the European level.

Hotel Bohinj


Damian Merlak invested in the  renovation of some old hotels in Bohinj. They strive to connect with local suppliers and thus strengthen the local economy. Their goal is also to employ people from the  local population and empower them to provide a high quality service to their guests. Together with the team from Turistica (Faculty of tourism) training for the staff of Hotel Bohinj was carried out.


Major increase in career outlook


Decrease in unemployment


Networking with local stakeholders