Get people fit for a job.


Organizations involved
Prizma fundation Maribor, Alpinia Bohinj, AIRTH and Turistica (Faculty of tourism), openIT (education institut)

Target group
unemployed people of different age groups

3 years

Sklad 05 is a non-profit financial institution established to finance social entrepreneurship and social innovation. The fund was established in July 2012 based on the consent of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, and performs activities for the common good in accordance with the law. Sklad 05 manages 305 social and impact investments in amount of 4.37 mio EUR, for which 2.06 mio EUR was already invested (47%). Based on our impact investment ready service we offer you instruments of support and funding.

The Slovenian tourism industry often cannot find skilled and motivated local working force to contribute to services quality and the further development of impact tourism concept and here is where we see the opportunity for the SIV project. Tourism industry and regional (Gorenjska region) stakeholders showing interest for employment of local working force in some famous tourist places as Bohinj, Bled etc.. There are planned investments in Bohinj hotels, company Alpinia d.o.o. plans to rebuild three major hotels in 2021-2023 and we are involved in the process of employment and coaching the staff (housekeepers, kitchen assistants, gardeners…) in these hotels within the SIV project.

Hotel BohinJ

Damien Merlak

The young investor Damian Merlak (founder of one of the world’s first cryptocurrency exchanges Bitstamp) invested in renovation of some old hotels in Bohinj. This is an investment with heart. It will attract the most discerning guests to Bohinj, who will know how to appreciate luxury in unspoilt nature and old Bohinj fairy tales, in which the locals still believe. They strive to connect with local suppliers and thus strengthen the local economy. Their goal is also to employ people from the  local population and empower them to provide a high quality service to their guests. Together with theteam from Turistica (Faculty of tourism) training for the staff of Hotel Bohinj was carried out.


Major increase in career outlook


Decrease in unemployment


Networking with local stakeholders

Our programs

The Next Access Programs improve the situation of people that for different reasons are out of the labor market. The national programs are financed by the Social Impact Fund, which is run with the help of private and institutional capital.