Get people fit for a job.

Neue Arbeit Stuttgart

Organizations involved
Employment Agency, Foundations, Business Enterprises in the Region, EU Networks of various kinds

Target group
Job seekers, unemployed people of all ages

2-6 month, Training period by length of job description

Neue Arbeit is a non-profit social enterprise that offers job prospects in the Stuttgart region through employment, integration, qualification and placement. With around 1,400 employees, Neue Arbeit is one of the largest independent employment companies in Germany. We help the long-term unemployed and people with special problems on behalf of the state capital Stuttgart, the employment agency and the job centers. For this group of people, the company has developed an extensive range of services in various fields of employment. With the help of subsidies from the city of Stuttgart, the job centers in the region, the European Social Fund and the Employment Agency, Neue Arbeit creates jobs.

CAP food markets – We live inclusion 

Elif Niedzwiedz

“I am severely visually impaired. I am almost blind in my left eye, and I only have 15 percent vision in my right eye. Without CAP, I would not have been able to complete my training as a retail saleswoman. Neue Arbeit provides me with aids that help me compensate for my disability in everyday work. As long as the economy does not hire enough people with disabilities, there is a need for inclusive companies. I am grateful for my job. I can shape my life independently of state support.” 

The Unternehmensverbund Neue Arbeit operates 18 grocery stores and thus ensures the local supply of food in structurally weak areas. At the same time, CAP-Markt promotes the integration of people with a handicap through the cooperation of disabled and non-disabled people and offers them jobs and training positions. At least 40 percent of the employees are people with a disability. The service includes accompanied shopping for disabled and elderly people and a delivery service. The Neue Arbeit group of companies employs around 350 people in 18 inclusive companies. Of these, around 160 are severely disabled. After deduction of all public subsidies, approx. 18,750 EUR are required per job to set up an inclusive company with eight jobs. 

Our goals 2022




People transferred into 

the labour market

86.250 €

Fund Goal

Kulturwerk – Gastronomy and Culture 

Felix Roux

“I was living on the streets as a drug-addicted homeless person. A social worker told me, ‘You need therapy, a place to live and a job.’ I found employment at the Kulturwerk der Neuen Arbeit and trained as an event technician. Today I have a permanent job as a sound technician in a renowned concert hall. I’m off the streets, off drugs, earning my own money and no longer on welfare. I’m very grateful for that.” 

The KULTURWERK of Neue Arbeit is a unique work assistance project for long-term unemployed and mentally ill people, as well as for young adults with particularly poor opportunities. Within a professional cultural and gastronomic enterprise, the Kulturwerk offers the opportunity for professional and social integration. Realistic conditions, meaningfulness of the task, therapeutic support as well as the low-threshold and yet demanding activities are the basis for a diverse, motivating employment concept. A particular specialization is in the area of addiction and drug disorders.

Neue Arbeit provides practical training for disadvantaged people in a special modular training concept. With additional resources, Neue Arbeit can offer more people career prospects. Financing requirement per training place: 10,000 EUR per year.


Major increase in career outlook


Decrease in unemployment


Networking with local stakeholders

Our programs

The Next Access Programs improve the situation of people that for different reasons are out of the labor market. The national programs are financed by the Social Impact Fund, which is run with the help of private and institutional capital.