Get people fit for a job.

Caritas Vienna & Everyone Codes

Organizations involved
Everyone codes, Austrian labour market servic (AMS), IT Companies (e.g Microsoft)

Target group
unemployed people of different age groups

9 month

The Austrian Voucher Program in cooperation with everyone codes focuses on the necessary coding skills for unemployed people in order to find an entry-level programming job. The program also offers a complete package consisting of intensive support for overcoming daily challenges at the workplace as well as for gaining all relevant soft skills.

When the global pandemic struck in early 2020, Birgit had to close her freelance business in the fitness industry and she was left without a job. Not knowing what the future holds made her rethink everything. She had worked with computers in the past, and when she found everyone codes she did not hesitate to take this opportunity. During this challenging programming training, she was not only equipped with in-demand IT skills, but also found a community of like-minded people who motivated her to see it through to the end. After ten months of intensive training and successful graduation, she faced another challenge – finding a job in the industry in which she had just arrived. But the search didn’t take long and now she works as a junior backend developer for in a  Viennese companies.

Caritas Munich

The Caritas Association of the archdiocese Munich / Freising e.V. was formed in 1922 and since then has become the biggest player in the welfare market in Bavaria. It operates as an umbrella organization by holding many further associated social organizations in the catholic field. Caritas Munich / Freising itself runs over 350 social facilities and services adressing different target groups of all ages, social backgrounds and religious confessions. Mainly, the facilities cover diverse fields such as retirement homes, services for handicapped people, different ambulant and stationary insitutions for families and adolescents, nursing units, drug counselling as well as counselling for refugees and migrants.


Google is financing a project Act Imp Act in Slovenia. Part of the project is the development of incentives in the form of vouchers to support:

  • Young underserved people (up to 28 years old), with a focus on those living in rural areas, young women, low-income households and persons with a disability
  • Underserved women, with a focus on single mothers, women from rural areas and women with disabilities


NPO Competence Center – Vienna University for Economics and Business

The NPO Competence Center of the WU (Vienna University of Business and Economics) is supporting the project since the beginning in 2019. Their main task is to monitor and evaluate the social impact of the project.


Major increase in career outlook


Decrease in unemployment


Networking with local stakeholders

Our programs

The Next Access Programs improve the situation of people that for different reasons are out of the labor market. The national programs are financed by the Social Impact Fund, which is run with the help of private and institutional capital.