Let's keep the fund going.

Next Access Fund is a transnational fund involving both private and institutional donors. Starting where national welfare state labour market instruments fall short in terms of duration or target groups we are addressing labour shortages in specific industries across Europe (e.g. in the field of elderly care, IT services). By scaling successful voucher models across countries we are also enhancing the labour mobility within Europe.

Sustainable quality of life
by integrating unemployed people into society as well as into the labour market

Driving Innovation
by exploring various voucher models in different countries

Generating impact
by combining public and private resources more effectively than existing labour market instruments

Scaling impact
by drawing from shared transnational experiences and learnings

Are you an institutional donor such as a foundation or a company?

Your donation goes directly to the program you have chosen or to the fund in general. In the latter case the donation is divided equally between the different programs. Apart from bank charges your money is to 100% used for the Voucher payments. There are no administration or organization costs that lower your impact.

The next access fund was started by the following renowned and trustworthy NPOs:

Caritas Vienna (Austria)

Caritas Vienna is a non-profit organisation with more than 5.000 employees and 15.000 volounteers working in and around Vienna. Caritas Vienna is active in the fields of help for people in need (homeless, unemployed, refugees..), care and support for the elderly, care and support for people with disabilities, family-oriented work, educational trainings, integration and community work and foreign aid.

ZEF – Cooperative for Ethical Financing (Croatia)

Make Croatian society better, togetherZEF is a non profit organization with over 1200 members, organizations and individuals, working together to develop a democratic, transparent, just and socially and environmentally responsible economy. The combined annual income of sales of our good and services exceeds 250 million euros, and the innovative business solutions of our members are often internationally recognized.

SKLAD05 (Slovenia)

Sklad 05 is non-profit financial institution established to finance social entrepreneurship and social innovation. The fund was established in July 2012 based on the consent of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, and performs activities for the common good in accordance with the law. SKLAD05  manages 305 Social and Impact Investments in amount of 4.37 mio EUR, for which 2.06 mio EUR was already invested (47%). Based on our Impact Investment Ready Service we offer you instruments of support and funding:

Neue Arbeit Stuttgart (Germany)

Neue Arbeit is a non-profit social enterprise that offers job prospects in the Stuttgart region through employment, integration, qualification and placement. With around 1,400 employees, Neue Arbeit is one of the largest independent employment companies in Germany. We help the long-term unemployed and people with special problems on behalf of the state capital Stuttgart, the employment agency and the job centers.
For this group of people, the company has developed an extensive range of services in various fields of employment. With the help of subsidies from the city of Stuttgart, the job centers in the region, the European Social Fund and the Employment Agency, Neue Arbeit creates jobs.

Our programs

The Next Access Programs improve the situation of people that for different reasons are out of the labor market. The national programs are financed by the Social Impact Fund, which is run with the help of private and institutional capital.